Severe Damages?

Fire or flood damage, mold, asbestos, lead, termites, pests, foundation issues?… We’ve seen it all… and because we do this all the time, we’re able to take it on. However, rebuilding on your own after severe damage, will most likely cost more than the value you’re trying to add back into your home.

We can give you an offer quick, so you can move forward and get into a new home that’s more livable. Plus, we work directly with you, so you don’t lose out with closing costs and commissions.

Here’s our simple process in three easy steps:

  • Fill out the contact form and schedule an appointment
  • We come by your home and quickly turn around an offer
  • We close and you get paid

When a home has suffered great damage, we’re glad to help with an easy solution, so you can move forward.